BSA B50ss


B50ss Classic Race bike

I bought this bike from a retiring classic racer, It is based on a B50SS which has been tuned, the head has been flowed and it runs with a mk2 Amal Concentric carb and a stainless steel megaphone exhaust. When we got the bike it used a battery and coil for ignition, with no charing system. We stripped the bike, junked the battery, fitted a Rex Caunt self generating ignition, Tarozzi rear sets and a cranked Sammy Miller kickstart. The front fairing was removed and a manx style nose fairing fitted. A set of sticky Bridgestone Battlaxe tyres to replace the skinny Avon race tyres,and the BSA was ready for its MOT.


Saying bye bye, just after my last ride before the BSA was stripped and crated to go off to Jutland in Denmark with Henrik Larsen

wellies aint my normal riding attire I was just back from feeding my daughters horse!!!! honest guv!