Dneipr Cossack Hack

1987 Neval Cossack 650cc

Found this Neval outfit lying under atarp on a Highland estate about 4 years ago, made a few enquiries found out who it belonged to and made himan offer, been part of the family ever since!

Recently I decided the oldhack needed a makeover, the big dual seat has cracks in the cover and the exhaust balance pipes have blown. The Russian carbs have always leaked and are a pain to keep set up.

First job was to aquire a set of VM Mikuni carbs and work out the best jets for the job.


while the outfit was in bits, I decided to start pulling off some of the excess tinwear

Changed the rear Mitas hardwood tyre for a Heidenau squareblock tread type as fitted to the new Ural 2wd's. An alloy guard found in the shed, trimmed to fit at the back and the offcut shaped and fitted up front. An old nicely worn alloy tank from the top shelf fits nicely with the single saddle (aftermarket for a Harley) which sits nice and low onto the frame rails now that the original, pivot has been ground off and the flatbar regulator box mounts cut and folded downwards - this will be re-mounted where the battery tray is cos I've got a car battery behind the seat in the sidecar - thinking of putting a second battery in there with it and a split - charging system so i can put a small winch on the outfit and some auxiliary lighting.

Next on the job list is to fabricate a new exhaust system, probably a 2 into 1 with a car silencer mounted high between the chair and the bike - the standard ones are rotten but I can re use the front downpipes - if i wasnt using it around the farm, near the horses I'd just extend the front pipes a wee bit and have straight throughs but it needs to be quiet -ish

Need to re fit the rear lights and number plate - they will go on the back of the chair - the original turn signals will bolt on to the top shock mount and a side/tail light and signal will go on top of the sidecar mud guard - after I have foitted a short alloy one

Want to fabricate a towbar, I will run a 2" box section fron the front sidecar chassis tube to the rear and then extended rearwards with a towball bolted through it - then I can tow the small quad trailer which is lying in the yard .