From the head of Loch Ness, over the single track hill road, then down and across the Muir of Ord, turning north following the River Conon and then northwest through the forest from Achilty beside the Black Water. Turning west into Strathbran riding hard and fast to its head in The Field of Storms - Achnasheen

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So what's it all about?

Take a forty year old bike, ditch all the stuff that vibrates/falls off, bin all the excess tinwear, lose the heavy chrome wheel rims, mudguards and clumsy dual seat. then start to put the bike back together, choosing components for their light weght, efficiency, durability and looks. Basically build a period race bike for the road. In the USA it would have been a "Bobber" fenders "bobbed" (shortened), exhaust cut back with no baffling, no lights, minimal seat and carrying nothing that wasn't required - Bare Bones Motorcycles.

Here in the UK, bikes were customised more like the race bikes used at the Isle of Man TT or Brooklands or latterly race circuits such as Thruxton . The bikes known as Cafe Racers were fitted with alloy race tanks, clip on bars, rear set footrests, tuned motors and open megaphone exhausts.

Strathbran Speedshop - we specialise in Bare Bone Motorcycles - Classic bikes trimmed of their fat, tuned for speed and reliability, put together using the best modern components but retaining their period looks, feel and sound..