Triumph Pre Unit Tiger 100 Trophy TT special

Setting the scene ............

Late 1950's, Johnny B. Goode has just been demobbed after his National Service, he' spent his time with the REME, mainly fixing old BSA M20's and the odd Triumph TRW - the side valve engined parallel twin which had been gradually replacing BSA's old warhorse. Johnny had made great use of his time with the REME, over the months he'd been at the workshops he'd "liberated" a whole pile of parts which he considered "surplus" and had stashed them waiting for the big build he had in mind.

Johnny liked to race, he liked his bikes light and agile, he didn't like having to stop to pick up bits of tinwear that fell off either, so right from the start this bike was set to be just the bare bones of a hot Triumph, stripped for action with the hottest motor he could build in the best competition chassis he could get his hands on. He knew that the TRW chassis was exactly the same as the ISDT Trophy frames and the a nice and lightweight all alloy close finned Tiget 100 motor he had swapped his old BSA for was just the job for a light and fast race bike. An alloy tank from the pile of gathered bits, some nuts and bolts and spome spanner time and Johnny's hotrod Trumpet is ready for the track ................. and the road if plod dont see him!



This Tiger 100/TRW bitsa came loosely bolted together as above, a close finned all alloy Tiger 100 in a military TRW rolling chassis. the TRW frame is the same as used on the comp spec TR5 Trophys, so it makes a good basis for a rigid dirt bike.

First job was to carefully remove the excess tinwear, wrap it up and stick it on the shelf, for when I grow up!


The front end has been stripped and rebuilt with new bearings, stanchions, springs and seals. The T100 came with a battery and distributer running total loss, so a K2F mag was sourced and then sent off for a total rebuild, fitted up and re timed. An old ally comp style tank which has been sitting on the shelf was trial fitted, need to get a 90 degree fuel tap but it shoould do the job.

Managed to rustle up a 90 degree bend which fitted neatly behind the rocker feed, filled the tank and tickled the carb, started first kick 8-)

So I had a ride around the yard, even tho Ive got a puncture :-(



A wee expedition into the lock up, rope tied round my ankle so I can find my way back out, clambered over the Land rover pile, skirted round the indian and onto the storeage rack, a bit of traversing along the shelf and there it was a nice period Wassell tank, brass filler cap and tastefully brush painted in satin black. So we pulled the T100 out and tried it on, Rosie, my daughter and artistic director, there to help decide on the best mounting position.


Still drawn towards the alloy tank, looks so much better with the silencer and toolbox removed