Triumph Tiger Cub trials


Over the last couple of months the Cub has been extensiveley tested, i've got the bruises to prove it! And modified to make it go better in trial sections.

Mods so far:

Ignition changed from energy transfer to Boyer black box and electronic ignition

Carb initially changed from Mk1 24mm Amal to Mk2 22mm to try and get the Cub to rev better from idle, a lot better but still could improve - there wass a flat spot if you snap open the throttle - Then I got a 22mm Delorto off ebay, meanyt for a Lambretta scooter made up an alloy adapter and it fitted on nicely

Footpegs and hangers binned in favour of a set of Sammy Miller Cub pegs - nicely made pity about the sales service!

A new set of Michelin sticky tyres

A set of Cub hubs bought from Greystone Cub Spares will be laced up to new alloy rims with stainless spokes

The front forks gott stripped, new springs, stanchions and seals

DVLO with a letter from Roy Bacon an MOT and Insurance cert and came away with an age related plate

Put a Talon 63 tooth sprocket on the back with a new chain to try and sort the gearing - still too high, can only use first gear in sections.

Engine came, cases split and a 13 tooth front sprocket went on, some new bearings, gaskets and all put together by Colin Craig at Loch Ness Restorations

A visit to the woods and the Cub is soooh much better, Ive just got to practice .......... a lot!


B40 Trials Project


Bought an ex WD B40 breaker off ebay, needing stfripped and rebuilt when we checked it over it looked like it had done no miles at all. The engine was pulled out and stripped down for a check over, good thing too there was water in the crankcases. Motor was rebuilt with new bearings, gaskets and a Rex Caunt self generating ignition.

The complete rolling chassis was sold on and another WD frame, found on ebay, was narrowed at the seat area then sent off for powder coating. A Montesa swing arm was mounted on to the frame and a Ceriani front end fitted using modified head stock bearing cups then a pair of gold anodised Montesa wheels were fitted up.

A genuine works type BSA alloy tank turned up (eventually) and a new set of alloy guards came from Wassell.

Jobs still to do - make up an alloy oil tank, fit the front mudguard, tank mountings, choose a seat and get goin!!

Montesa Cota 247

My first proper trials bike was a Cota 247, a 1972 model which blew its motor big style on the Forth and Clyde Canal towpath, sold it for the princely sum of £40 to a guy who wanted one to restore.